Tumblebee's Bus

Gymnastics and Fitness for the next generation!

Tumblebee's Classes

   Tumblebee's Bus gymnastics and fitness classes is a great way to enhance your school's curriculum. The busy parents of today will thank you for bringing the activities to them. With childhood obesity being extremely high in the Houston areas, our focus is on teaching fitness as a way of life Each week the bus offers classes to children between the ages of 18 months to six years old. our goal is not to train future gymnasts (although you never know!), but to promote each child's social, physical, and emotional growth through individual accomplishments. The children learn a simplified form of basic gymnastics and tumbling routines in a non-competitive environment. We park the bus, shut off the engine, and offer 30 fun-filled minutes of tumbling, gymnastics, and fitness lesson per week to the students. Our classes are structured according to a weekly lesson plan and according to age group ( age 18months -3 years or ages 4-6 years). We help children not only have fun, but also develop coordination, strength, flexibility, and confidence in a unique and safe environment.

Coach Sandy and Coach Lester have been teaching toddlers tumbling and fitness aboard the Tumble Bus since 2007! Fitness has always been a common bond among this family. "We believe that keeping kids fit and active during childhood is the key ingredient to a healthy adulthood".  Both coaches are active members of the USA Gymnastics (USAG). They have been trained and certified in CPR and Basic First Aid Training, USAG Safety and Risk Management, and USAG Preschool Fundamentals. In addition, they continually update their knowledge and skills in the field of Physical Education, child care and development, preschool and junior gymnastics, and basic health and nutrition through seminars and training workshops.

The Benefits from Participation on the Tumblebee's Bus Include:

  • Develop Gross Motor Skills
  • Build Self-Confidence
  • Learn To Be A Team Player
  • Learn Fundamentals of Gymnastics and Movement
  • Develop Skills to Enhance Other Sports
  • Build Coordination
  • Strengthen Muscles and Bones
  • Best of All - Have FUN, FUN, FUN!!            

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